Winter Getaways 2017

Lew was delighted to have been invited to contribute ideas for 22 properties featured in the Winter – May 2017 issue of Getaway Magazine.




Vanity Fair 2016 Travel Guide

Vanity Fair 2016

 Southern Africa Destination Specialist

I am honoured to be listed in the 2016 edition of Vanity Fair’s annual Travel Guide, “Vanity Fair on Travel”, as their Southern African destination specialist.

A joy to be associated with a glorious selection of people, properties and places globally, all researched by the inimitable Victoria Mather and her team.



Childhood Nostalgia

One is reminded  to respect history yet think modern to succeed in this day and age, yet I do believe one is allowed to indulge in nostalgia too, when the moment is right. Such was my recent experience along the Stellenbosch Kloof Road, on the hillsides to the west of the town of Stellenbosch, my birthplace. Here you will find ‘Overgaauw’, more than a century old, this fourth generation wine estate owned and developed by the Van Velden family whose ancestors were friends of my late parents. Today, David Van Velden’s youthful energy and passion along with help along the way from distinguished winemaker Chris Joubert and others, combines with the terroir to produce some fine Merlot, Cape-Bordeaux-style blends, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Sylvaner and Sauvignon Blanc. The farm has been retained as it was, and not been commercialised.

With the innovation in the wine making, has come a charming addition too, in the form of talented chef Camilla Comins who has established a rustic small restaurant for Saturday and Sunday lunches, with just a few tables, well spaced, and lovely views across the vineyards and Stellenbosch Mountains. Here she serves delicious set menus, using the freshest ingredients, vegetables, free range meat, fruit and herbs and products which remind one what ‘good Sunday lunches’ should be about. Reservations are limited to a set number of diners so service is informed and personal, with a relaxed peaceful atmosphere.

One needs to book in advance, and can easily pass the sign to the restaurant as one heads along this now ‘celebrated’ road to ‘De Morgenzon’ with its beautiful gardens and fine range of wines so artfully labelled, before reaching ‘Jordan’ long time producer of quality wines and their fine dining restaurant.

03 June 2014


Connecting Cultures


British born Cape Town resident Kate Crane Briggs, operates a unique business called ‘Culture Connect SA’ facilitating art experiences, curating events and offering unique tours either on an exclusive basis for local residents and visitors to Cape Town, or other themed tours and events, open to public participation. Additionally with her extensive experience locally and abroad, she is a highly skilled fundraising consultant and mentor. Last month included a tour entitled ‘Superior Interiors’, led by attorney and senior mason John Smith, of the Provincial Grand Lodge (Lodge De Goede Hoop’) including viewing of notable Anton Anreith sculptures, coupled with a tour of the historic Gardens Shul nearby, led by chairman Solly Berger of these stunning interiors. August sees a visit to the memorable exhibition ‘Design & Making’ at The Castle of Good Hope, where the guide will be curatorial contributor and project manager Marjorie Naidoo of Cape Craft & Design Institute, with a chance too of viewing the award winning show ‘Fired’ by Iziko curator Esther Esmyol.

‘Culture Connect SA’ is a welcome addition to the Cape, a reminder of the powerful role of culture in our lives. Kate sees as her vision, that in creating enjoyable and educational cultural experiences, one encourages the support for art and education, help to build appreciation and knowledge of different cultures, often underplayed in South Africa and indeed other parts of the world. There is no doubt that even those who visit this region regularly, will ‘see it in a new light’ by aiding and assisting the cultivation of beneficial relationships and connections.

03 June 2014